Intellectual Property


Beyond the services focused individually on patents, trademarks, and copyrights, the law firm provides services directed to other intellectual property issues, including those aimed at the synthesis of a comprehensive intellectual property strategy.

Trade Secrets

Companies often have significant value tied to their trade secrets, which can encompass data, processes, formulae, and other information that may not be appropriate for patent protection, but nonetheless need to be protected.  The law firm can advise on the evaluation, management, and protection of trade secrets.

IP Strategy

The law firm can undertake a comprehensive review of a client’s business to identify intellectual property assets, evaluate their status, and develop strategic plans for developing, protecting, and leveraging these intellectual property assets conducted by an experienced patent attorney.

IP Counseling

The law firm can assist with intellectual property issues that arise in transactional contexts such as employment agreements, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures.

IP Management

The law firm provides IP management services encompassing maintenance of patent and trademark portfolios, as well as licensing and monetization campaigns.

Intellectual Property Litigation

When negotiation fails or is inappropriate, the law firm can assist our clients’ litigation counsel in addressing their intellectual property matters, from strategy to analysis, pre-trial developments all the way through trial, and appeal.  Alternatively, the firm can assemble and lead a litigation team that can handle intellectual property litigation.

Litigation Intelligence

The law firm offers patent litigation monitoring services for the financial industry to provide actionable intelligence on developments in ongoing patent litigation.

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